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Focus Magazine is a student publication devoted to bursting the “Baylor bubble” by examining the culture of Waco, Texas including the people, the places, and everything in between.

Focus Magazine is owned and published by Baylor University. It is produced through the student publications department. The entire content of Focus Magazine is protected under the Federal Copyright Act. Reproduction of any portion of any issue by any means, mechanical or otherwise, is not permitted without the consent of Baylor University.

About Focus Magazine, Spring 2017

In this edition of Focus, we look at one of the largest highways in the US. While some may treat Interstate 35 as simply a road, we believe it is so much more. It is a workplace, a church and something that can divide and unite cities across Texas.

From a church dedicated to serving the cowboy community to delving into the lives of a well-worn trucker, we believe the businesses, people and storied past are the details that make Interstate 35 more than just a highway. We believe the stories that make a I-35 unique are worth being shared. Come with us as we take a Drive Down I-35!

A special thanks to Julie Freeman and our fantastic writers and photographers. We couldn’t have done this without you!


Marcus Maurer | Maggie Malone


Angela Tharpe | Aaron Cobbs | Ellie Cantor | Didi Martinez | Kristina Valdez | Jas Jeffries | Meredith Wagner | Maitlan Wade | Palmer Brigham | Michaela Schirra

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