Handmade Collective

Story by Elizabeth Starr; Photos by Alyson Perkins A time-honored symbol of community and fellowship, the dining table is often the centerpiece of the family home. Stories, laughter and meals are shared here, where families gather at the end of a day spent apart. At … Continue readingHandmade Collective

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Community Jubilee

Story by Abby Veach; Photos by Trey Honeycutt & Travis Taylor Certain Waco neighborhoods are notorious for their crime and poverty, making it seem as if this city is simply a mix of affluent university students and downtrodden poor. This view is not only unjustified; it’s … Continue readingCommunity Jubilee

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Raising Their Voice

Story by Amanda Cordero; Photos by Travis Taylor It’s a beautiful spring day when I meet with Fiona Bond and Rae Jefferson of Creative Waco. We’re in front of Dichotomy, Waco’s popular coffee and spirits shop, eating burritos from the food truck across the street. … Continue readingRaising Their Voice

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Point, Click, Photographer

Story by Kate McGuire Is everyone a photographer? It’s so easy to borrow, rent or purchase professional photography equipment like cameras, lighting kits, online software and more. Also, social media applications make dull, uncreative photos come alive with vibrant filters and decorations. Even services like … Continue readingPoint, Click, Photographer

Drawing A Bug’s Life

Story by Stephanie Reyes; Photos by Alyson Perkins Like bright lights that attract bugs at night, Greg Lewallen’s eyes shine when he talks about drawing and collecting insects. He can spend hours talking about the many exciting and memorable trips around the world he’s taken … Continue readingDrawing A Bug’s Life

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Life in 3D

Story by Taliyah Clark; Photos by Maggie Malone   Creative science? Those two words don’t usually correlate, until you meet Alex Le Roux. A recent Baylor mechanical engineering graduate, Le Roux designed and created a 3-D printer that can create large concrete structures and 3-D … Continue readingLife in 3D

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