A Letter from the Editors

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Andi Risk and Megan Rule

As we go through our day-to-day lives, we pass countless people. Between our co-workers, families, significant others, friends, the people that sell us our morning coffee or the people we pass on a run in the evening, there are hundreds and thousands of stories out there. These are some of those stories from people just around the corner.

This magazine highlights people who are not typically in the spotlight, yet impact our lives and community. The food you eat, the way you get around, the facilities you work in and the safety of the city depends on the people like you and me.

Writers and photographers for Focus Magazine captured these stories of people who deserved some spotlight. As editors, we gave some ideas but had plenty more brought to the table. As you read through this magazine, think of the people you don’t normally recognize and go give them a smile tomorrow, or ask how their day is going today.

You truly never know the impact you could have on someone or the story behind his or her eyes. Take a copy and go through a day in the life of some of your neighbors.