Anna Tabet & Sommer Stanley

When we picked the theme of new beginnings, we wanted to focus on the coming of a new decade and, in turn, people who have taken concrete steps to better their lives and the lives of those around them. We did not foresee the relevance of this theme and our society‚Äôs need for a new beginning. 

COVID-19 has taken something away from everyone. It is, without a doubt, a challenging time for our nation, and nations all over the world. Although it is necessary to come to terms with the reality of our world following the pandemic, it is also important to be reminded of the goodness of humanity.  While we as a society pick up the pieces and figure out where to go from here, we urge you to use these stories as inspiration on how best to begin again. 

The pandemic may have delayed this issue of Focus Magazine from the spring to the fall, but we are grateful that these messages are still able to be shared. Our team of writers and photographers has worked hard to showcase the stories of courageous individuals who embraced change during uncertain times. Although many of these individuals faced struggles along the way, they persevered and were able to find their own new beginnings.