Waco Unseen

Enabling Brighter Futures

The Baylor University School of Education is extending its reach and connecting with the Waco community through their mentor program EnAbled for College. The program consists of Baylor graduate students mentoring local at-risk and/or disabled high school students. … Continue readingEnabling Brighter Futures

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Hope in the Desert

Waco contains multiple food deserts — urban areas in which it is difficult to access affordable or good-quality fresh food, usually found in impoverished regions. One of the effects of a food desert is food insecurity, which largely affects children. … Continue readingHope in the Desert

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Get Involved

Waco has many different opportunities to become immersed in the community. From being up to date on Waco event, to playing with children and joining together in worship, Waco is a crown jewel of hosting volunteer opportunities. Take a break from the Silos, and take to the streets to donate your time and get involved in Waco. … Continue readingGet Involved

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