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Focus Magazine is a student publication devoted to bursting the “Baylor bubble” by examining the culture of Waco, Texas including the people, the places, and everything in between.

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About Focus Magazine, Spring 2018

Waco is known for a lot of things. It is home to the popular reality stars we love to obsess over, a tragedy at a compound that became a television series and the school that lights up in green and gold. But Waco isn’t known for its extreme poverty.

With a rate of 27.5 percent, poverty in Waco is nearly twice the national average of 12.7 percent. From the outside looking in, no one wants to see the community-wide issue. Instead, most see how TripAdvisor declared Waco to be the second top travel destination for 2018 or how more than 10,000 tourists poured into the city for one weekend at the Silos.

The complexities and depth of any city is difficult to capture, but the perception of Waco in the mainstream media is incomplete.

This is our community. We live here, go to school here and grow here. It is not the responsibility of the world to capture the full identity of our home — it is ours.

What do we want the world to see? There is a richness to Waco that should be shared, but the truth is richer and the truth is people are struggling. There are many organizations that are ardently working to better the lives of the impoverished in Waco.

From toddlers to teenagers, youth are living in poverty, the greatest threat to a child’s well-being, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty. From the streets to the shelters, Wacoans haven’t forgotten about their neighbors.

A part of this community remains unseen, until now. From cover to cover, in this issue of Focus Magazine, we can only scratch the surface of the amazing work being done in our community. 


Kristina Valdez | Taylor Wolf

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