Inspiring Fashion

Fashion students find their inspiration from all over. Lexi Walters and Jordan Wilkins share where they get their creative inspiration from.

Photos courtesy of Jordan Wilkins and Lexi Walters

Baylor alum Anjelica Ray Anchterhof models one of the looks Wilkins created for the 2021 class Apparel Design and Product Development students’ fashion show and photo shoot. Wilkins created five looks with similar design elements to the one pictured.

“My design inspiration comes from many places. Other designers work helps get the ideas flowing but what works best for me is creating scenarios of where I am going to wear the garment and listen to music that corresponds with the event.”

Jordan Wilkins

Tahlia Sisney models a blue cape designed by Walters. The cape was inspired by winter blues. This pattern includes covered snaps, jump hem, mandarin collar, feather stitching and color blocking.

“I get a lot of my creative inspiration from Pinterest. I love to look at everything from art, travel, other clothing designs and prints. I like to take the different aspects that I love in each and combine them into one garment.”

Lexi Walters