Awake My Soul

Intro by: Kelli Betner

Photos by: Kyle Beam

As the city of Waco grows stronger every day, local fitness groups rally to promote health and wellness in the community. This is not only the idea of physical health, but mental health as well. CrossFit Waco and REFIT Studio are revolutionizing the idea of fitness in the Waco community. Unlike other gyms and fitness programs, Crossfit Waco and REFIT focus on building relationships and creating a warm, embracing community rather than how you look, or how many reps you complete.


At CrossFit Waco, there are no elliptical machines, stationary bikes or rows of mirrors. Instead, there are barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, pull-up bars and rowers. At CrossFit Waco, there’s no need for machines. You are the machine. The programming is designed to be functional and constantly varied. Every day is a new routine and complacency isn’t an option. CrossFit Waco pushes their members to continually strive to better themselves not only in the gym, but in their every day lives.


IMG_7746-EditREFIT Studio was founded to be a program unlike anything else. REFIT is a heart-pounding, body-pumping, dance-style fitness class. It not only helps its participants get into physical shape, but also helps to build their confidence from the inside out. REFIT is a Christian values based program that uses its choreography, outreach, atmosphere and music to immerse its participants into the REFIT experience and change their lives.