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  • Baylor University’s State-Of-The-Art Briles | By Rebecca Malzahn

    Baylor University’s State-Of-The-Art Briles | By Rebecca Malzahn

    Art Briles: The Rebuilder   Photos by: Kyle Beam, Travis Taylor and Matt Hellman In just under five years, a very hopeless crowd of green and gold has become one of the most enthusiastically expectant fan bases in college football. Baylor University football hadn’t finished in the top 25 rankings of the AP or Coaches Poll since…

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  • The Men Behind The Plan

    The Men Behind The Plan

    Story by: Rebecca Malzahn Photo by: Kyle Beam Before Shane and Cody Turner became two of the most sought-after property developer and construction duo, they grew up learning everything they know from their father in Groesbeck, 45 minutes from the stirring streets of downtown Waco. “It just happened. You do what you know,” said Shane…

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  • Greater Things Are Still To Be Done In This City

    Greater Things Are Still To Be Done In This City

    Story by: Austin Eck Photos by: Rebecca Malzahn Bang. The earth trembled as the shockwave traveled through the nearby neighborhoods. The French doors of a house were blown off their hinges and lodged themselves into an interior wall. Glass shattered and formed small missiles that took aim at anything and everything in their path. Insulation…

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  • Down But Not Out

    Down But Not Out

    Story by: Malory Green Photos by: Kyle Beam A house destroyed by flames, a family of six children left with nothing and no time to develop a young business, would be enough to crush anyone’s spirit. For a father, the immediate question is not how to rebuild a home, but where his children’s next meals…

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  • Say Good Morning To Your Neighbor

    Say Good Morning To Your Neighbor

    Story and Photos by: Jordan Corona On a brisk November morning, the Brazos rolls away, pensive with stories from a hundred years ago, ducks quacking along with it. It’s a murky flow, ebbing glinted bits of yellow Texas sunrise at its Waco banks. The river runs against this flat turf, northwest to southeast, at a…

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  • Awake My Soul

    Awake My Soul

    Intro by: Kelli Betner Photos by: Kyle Beam As the city of Waco grows stronger every day, local fitness groups rally to promote health and wellness in the community. This is not only the idea of physical health, but mental health as well. CrossFit Waco and REFIT Studio are revolutionizing the idea of fitness in…

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  • Beans To Brew On Austin Avenue

    Beans To Brew On Austin Avenue

    Story by: Danny Huizinga Photos by: Mallory Olivier, Amanda Rubio and Jill Swartzentruber Walk down Austin Avenue sometime on a beautiful, sunny day with a light breeze. Glancing around at the old buildings and ornate architecture, you can imagine what Waco looked like years ago. But for some reason, there’s a strange emptiness in the…

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  • The World’s Stage

    The World’s Stage

    Story by: Susan Duty Photos by: Kyle Beam Honeyed vibrations of a street performer’s violin ring out over the loud clunking of construction. At the shaded corner of Eighth Street and Austin Avenue, Waco’s Hippodrome is coming back to life. Shane and Cody Turner have been bringing life back to downtown Waco for the last…

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