The Men Behind The Plan

Story by: Rebecca Malzahn

Photo by: Kyle Beam

Before Shane and Cody Turner became two of the most sought-after property developer and construction duo, they grew up learning everything they know from their father in Groesbeck, 45 minutes from the stirring streets of downtown Waco.

“It just happened. You do what you know,” said Shane Turner, referring to his family’s business background.

Shane and Cody’s dream to inspire a movement in the downtown area has become a reality, fueled by a strategic plan to introduce a young energy to historic streets. With a real estate background, the brothers began their business with three pieces of downtown property. It started on a personal level, escalated to a leasing business and transitioned into a profession of developing and selling space for future hot-spot businesses.

“It’s a lot of risk. We knew that going into it. I was young, single and could take risks.” Many believe that’s the type of people it takes to tackle a project like this one. Without high expectations and daring goals, transformations may not occur.

The brothers hope to see an expanding development on the fringes of downtown, with great opportunity between Franklin Avenue and interstate 35. “Those to me are the areas with the most opportunity and are going to have the most positive effect on the downtown,” Turner said.

Lights, music and people speckled the streets of what downtown used to be. The steady transition back to this atmosphere, beckons a new energy where individuals from all generations work together to develop a new community.

“Baylor graduates are staying in Waco now instead of leaving, keeping their ideas here,” Turner said. “People come to Baylor from cities all over the United States so they’ve seen other things, able to implement their experiences in Waco.”

The means of expanding are present. The ideas of growth are strong. The sense of awakening has begun.