Staff from left to right: Co-Editor: Mallory Harris, Co-Editor: Rachel Chiang, Staff Writer: Lukas Reyes

Letter From The Editors

Imagine you’re at a concert. You can see the artist on stage, you can smell the smoke from the fireworks, you can taste a quick sip of water, you can hear the screaming fans all around you, and you can feel the bass in your chest. All your senses work together to create an experience, and realizing the abilities of each sense is what inspired this issue..

With so many ideas relating to the senses, it was hard to narrow down what we wanted to include and pursue in this edition. Between us two editors and with the help of our writer, Lukas Reyes, we have found various stories across Baylor and Waco that highlight the unique abilities your senses provide. Whether it’s through a small business or watching students follow their passion or even keeping up with tradition from the 1900s, we utilize each of our senses to navigate through our daily life. However, it is more than just a tool for daily necessities; each of our senses allow us to pursue different interests and experience unique opportunities. Encountering trial and error and starting fresh with new ideas, we hope you can sense our efforts in every way and enjoy.


Rachel Chiang & Mallory Harris