Let’s Talk Food

Mallory Harris

Skylla Mumana

“Food is a universal language.” It’s a sentimental phrase meant to bring people together over a meal where they can feel safe, heard and loved by the company and enjoy good food in front of them. 

It’s no surprise that the food scene in Waco is vast and continuously growing with a multitude of cuisines to choose from. Each meal contains the heart and dedication of those who made it, and each plate tells a story. When bridging the communities of Waco and Baylor, we wanted to see where those stories and connections lie. Sometimes it’s on a farm many miles down the road. Other times it’s down the street across the interstate, or across the world on a different continent. It can even be on campus in the counseling center. There is no limitation to where food can take us or the stories it can tell. 

We’ve enjoyed creating every page of this magazine and hope the stories we’ve found, the meals we’ve recreated and the people we’ve shown bring you peace, a full stomach and something to chew on. 


Mallory Harris & Skylla Mumana