Category: Spring 2017

  • Holy Smokes

    Holy Smokes

    Story by Palmer Brigham When Joe Slack, owner and pit-master of Red Wagon BBQ, couldn’t find the kind of barbecue he wanted in the local area, he found himself traveling to places like Austin and Dallas for what he was looking for, a barbecue place that treated its business as a craft. Slack, head of…

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  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains

    Story by Meredith Wagner; Photos by Maggie Malone Interstate 35’s significance within the Waco community stretches beyond concrete and yellow lines. For many, it is the primary bridge between home and work, residence and extended family, one opportunity and the next. People from all walks of life utilize its carefully carved trail, many of whom…

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  • Derby Days and Derby Nights

    Derby Days and Derby Nights

    Story by Maitlan Wade; Photos by Ellie Cantor Only 10 miles away from Baylor sits a dirt track speedway packed with action racing – flips, crashes and even fights over who’s in first place. If you’re looking for something exciting and out of the norm to do in Waco, this is it. The speedway frequently…

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  • God’s Country

    God’s Country

    Story by Jas Jeffries; Photos by Michaela Schirra Driving up the steep black pavement and parking on the khaki gravel, church goers will find themselves at the Lone Star Cowboy Church of Hill and McLennan counties. Its bright blue building as a background for its white-lettered church name cannot be missed sitting off the side…

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  • On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    Story by Kristina Valdez; Photos by Dayday Wynn Speeding out of an 18-wheeler’s blind spot on Interstate 35 is common. One rushes by the towering truck relieved, passing the drivers as they stare ahead. They are the truckers—identified by occupation and the time it takes to pass their massive vehicles. But they are there—living life on…

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  • The Stones Beneath

    The Stones Beneath

    Story by Aaron Cobbs; Photos by Angela Tharpe Interstate 35 is a monumental structure with massive pillars that rise off the ground. Underneath the highway lie stone pebbles that rumble and shake every time a car rushes on top. But on Sunday mornings, another rumble can be heard: the footsteps of a large gathering of…

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