Category: Spring 2011

  • A nonprofit providing a financial foundation

    A nonprofit providing a financial foundation

    Amid the insurance companies and doctors’ offices, the Waco Foundation, a $60 million enterprise, serves to help fund the community’s nonprofit organizations by giving grants and scholarships to organizations and students in the Waco community.

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  • When they need us

    When they need us

    Donna Hurst and her husband, Randall Stuckey, 54, have lived in Waco for seven years and have spent the past two years volunteering as foster parents for the Humane Society of Central Texas.

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  • Pay it forward

    Pay it forward

    High school students with intermediate certification by the IRS volunteer to directly help prepare tax returns at no charge through sponsorship. Students are prepared and constantly practicing their business skills in the classroom.

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  • More than memory

    More than memory

    Cindi Moore has a talent: She knows everything about you. Mention anybody connected to the Waco Baptist Academy, and Moore, the principal, can tell you all about that person. Point to any of the school’s more than 160 students. Go ahead, pick one.

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  • In the name of love

    In the name of love

    Inside they sipped drinks and dreamed of anything but Jesus. This scene, formerly a foreign world, is now commonplace for Emily Mills, a Baylor alumna and founder of Jesus Said Love, a local nonprofit ministering to strippers.

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  • Learning independence one game at a time

    Learning independence one game at a time

    Umpire Lupe Rosas stands ready atop the pitcher’s mound. While the boy at bat prepares to swing, Coach Colleen Ostrom shouts words of encouragement from the dugout. And for a moment in the sun, the Challenger League baseball team, for children with special needs, appears like a regular baseball game — because it is.

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  • Feed my sheep

    Feed my sheep

    To Jeane Dick, the leader of Mission Waco’s Friday Morning Breakfast, all who come through the church doors on Friday morning are family.

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  • 1 life

    1 life

    What constitutes a meaningful life? It is the question humanity has pondered through the ages, one that touches the core of every human heart. So significantly weighs the subject — the quest for meaning and happiness — that it has birthed numerous experiments, years of research and a plethora of diverse philosophies.

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