Category: Spring 2013

  • Surviving the Night

    Surviving the Night

      “It was a parachute remedy,” said Maverick, who before coming to Baylor had never had the urge to take pills. “I was about to hit the ground hard, mess up the entire semester. So what did I do? I took the pill.” Maverick hesitated as he opened his hand to accept the small, clear…

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  • Living on the Edge

    Living on the Edge

      Senior decathlete Eric Bostick was dangerously close to not becoming a Baylor Bear. His decision to commit to Baylor was easy, but in the summer before his freshman year, he fell inches from death while trying to save a girl’s life. On a graduation trip to the British Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos, located just…

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  • The Damsel in this Dress

    The Damsel in this Dress

       On any given day, a college classroom can feature a rainbow of outfits ranging from the very casual, like pajamas, to Nike shorts, t-shirts and jeans or even business suits. But while you may take the time during your morning routine to really dress up for class, chances are you don’t paint a yellow…

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  • The Boy Who Lived

    The Boy Who Lived

    Surviving was the only option for this 8-year-old after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness Cheryl Whitehouse was sure that her 8-year-old son had appendicitis. She analyzed Casey’s symptoms in her head as she drove him to Providence Hospital: severe pain in the lower right abdomen, nausea and loss of appetite. Surely, she thought, this…

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  • Shattered Dreams

    Shattered Dreams

    To be human is to dream. Every kid has dreams and hopes of one day achieving them. Emphatic wishes are what make us all human. We desire something monumental. For Anthony Moore, his dream was to play professional football at the highest level, the National Football League. What happens when those dreams are shattered? How…

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  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations

    With one brother in medical school and another studying architecture in graduate school, Ogbonna Okonkwo undoubtedly comes from a family of achievers. Okonkwo, however, has decided to take the road less traveled on his path to success.   His birth certificate says Ogbonna Okonkwo, but you can call him Alvin. “When you see it, you’re…

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  • The King of Hearts

    The King of Hearts

    It started out as any other day in room 361 of the Hankamer School of Business. Dr. James Henderson, Baylor professor of economics, grabbed his gym bag at about 3 p.m. and started walking to the McLane Student Life Center. He laced up his basketball shoes and took the court. After two games, Henderson felt…

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  • Coming to America

    Coming to America

    For this international student, coming to America was more than just a dream. It was a mission.  In the valley of the Ningxia Plane of Northern China lies Yinchuan, the hometown of Jia Liang. Liang lived in Yinchuan until she moved to Beijing for her undergraduate studies. It was there she began a journey that…

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