Category: Fall 2015

  • Weaving through Waco Drive

    Weaving through Waco Drive

    A journey from one end of Waco Drive to the other provides a survey of the city’s historical imagery. From the wide-open spaces of Hewitt and Woodway, to the mid-century, faded residences from 40th to 4th Street, to the splintered government housing on the opposite side of the Brazos in East Waco – with every…

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  • Family Fusion

    Family Fusion

    In Waco and on Baylor’s campus, there are many people with multi-ethnic and multicultural backgrounds. Family Fusion focuses on the benefits and struggles of living in multiracial households.

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  • Hair


      We asked six ethnically different women to talk about their hair. As one of the visual markers of race, hair plays a big part in personal and cultural expression.  In America, people have faced years of discrimination for their hair. Stereotypes include the ‘dumb blonde,’ ‘redheads have no souls,’ and the ‘nappy-headed afro-American.’  Some…

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  • A Driving Force

    A Driving Force

    Although each individual is different in stature and purpose, their love and involvement with sports has brought them to Waco, Texas. After years of adjusting to life in the U.S., their advice is the same: do not be afraid.

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  • Cultural Cravings

    Cultural Cravings

    The U.S. does things differently. That’s why it is not surprising that students from different countries miss traditions from home. Traditions that include the intake of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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  • Culture Shock

    Culture Shock

    Imagine leaving your entire life behind, everything you know, to attend school in a different country. You go from being with your family and friends every day to being surrounded by strangers and strange things.

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  • Culture In Step

    Culture In Step

    With the swirl of each skirt and the tap of each foot the audience becomes more and more entranced by the dancers. The vibrant colors of the skirts come together into a rainbow that is as diverse as the various cultures the Ballet Folklorico in Waco represents.

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  • All Dressed Up

    All Dressed Up

    Story by Amanda Karney Cultural identity plays a key role in the Latino community with certain traditions that are slowly evolving over time. Established in 1999, Vanessa’s boutique sells countless quinceañera and prom dresses. Much like any regular dress store, the company receives orders from numerous designers to give customers a custom look to their…

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