Category: Fall 2009

  • Defeating Dyslexia

    Cat.” “C-A-T.” The word is simple and familiar as it slips off the tongue. Elementary, one could say. We are so at ease with this word because we grew up learning the basics of reading and writing with words such as this. “Cat.” For a dyslexic child, this word presents a complex puzzle that he must decode. This word represents frustration, embarrassment, and potentially hopelessness if he is unable to overcome this obstacle.

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  • Fighting to Survive: Inside the Neonatal Unit

    Fighting to Survive: Inside the Neonatal Unit

    Stephanie Ramirez holds her 3-day-old daughter, Michelle, in her arms while the tiny newborn sleeps in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. Michelle was delivered five weeks early.

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  • A Good Death

    A Good Death

    Nina Ferguson, 91, is resting in a hospital bed in her room in the home she shares with her friend and caregiver, Lucy Lupu. Nina is slender and frail – Lucy estimates her carrying weight at 95 pounds – but her eyes are bright and clear, and she thumps her chest defiantly when Lucy suggests she could be eating better. Lucy is talking about how, in early February of last year, Nina almost died. She had been staying in a local nursing home when she developed a sore on her foot. She said the staff didn’t change the dressing for two weeks, and infection set in.

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  • Q & A with local volunteers

    Story By Lela Atwood Kay Furman Mission Waco Q: Why should people volunteer? A: Volunteering brings a different kind of satisfaction than a job. You do it solely when you want to with the satisfaction and the knowledge that you are helping people. You get a better idea of what you have. It’s not easy […]

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  • Cancer Never Looked So Good

    Cancer Never Looked So Good

    Almost 10 years after recovering from breast cancer, Deborah Deaton heard what no woman wants to hear: “Your breast cancer has returned, and it’s worse this time.”

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  • Safe: When abuse hits home

    Safe: When abuse hits home

    Story By Melyssa Brown Photos By Stephen Green LAST AUGUST, KAREN FINALLY DID IT. “And he’s outside and he came up, just like a tornado, screaming in the front yard, hollering at me.” He told her they needed to talk. Her friend begged her not to get in his truck, but it “was a matter […]

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  • Poor on Purpose

    Poor on Purpose

    ix friends sit together outside of Common Grounds on a damp and drizzly evening. The table’s overhead umbrella keeps them dry as they discuss theology and the true meaning of Christian community, conversation foreign to most university coffee shops, but typical at Baylor.

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  • A Second Chance at Home

    A Second Chance at Home

    The weather was unusually mild for Texas, the air barely warm in spite of the bright sun. The grass was still a bit damp from the previous night’s storm. Green fields stretched for miles in all directions. It was a perfect day for riding horses.

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