Category: Fall 2017

  • Need for Clean

    Need for Clean

    Story by Caroline Waterhouse | Courtesy photo I don’t remember when it all started; it began as a routine then slowly turned into a silent prison. The first memory I have of it was as a kid waking up in my pajamas in the morning. My clothes couldn’t touch anything but my skin and my…

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  • Yoga helps Trauma Survivors

    Yoga helps Trauma Survivors

    Story by Lauren Friederman | Photo by Corrie Coleman For people who struggle with post traumatic stress disorder, simply living life can be challenging. Mundane tasks can become overwhelming. Especially for people who experience interpersonal trauma. “In the perpetrators grooming of the victim, they strip the person of their sense of truth and self-awareness and…

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  • Professor Frame – On Grief & God

    Professor Frame – On Grief & God

         On Aug. 4, 2016, Baylor University Professor Darren Frame’s life was changed forever by the tragic loss of his son, Jared Logan Frame. After a mountain biking incident, Jared contracted an infection that exacerbated his congenital heart defect. He ultimately suffered a massive stroke that destroyed his brain function, and he died. Jared’s…

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  • Live & Love Buoyantly

    Live & Love Buoyantly

    Story by Bailey Brammer | Photo by Sarah Barrientos “He was my person. He was the one person I could be my authentic self to. Just having anxiety or bias or anything like that was out of the question. We just existed.” Having a sibling you share everything with is not uncommon; Baylor senior Riley…

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  • Facing Fears Head On

    Facing Fears Head On

    Story by Amanda Cordero | Photo by Trey Honeycutt At 5 feet 5 inches and barely 100 pounds, Cameron Wiles is a wisp of a girl, so it is almost comical when she jumps into her white Toyota Highlander with a 20-pound bag of rice and a nervous but determined expression on her face. Almost…

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  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    Story by Meredith Wagner | Photo by Trey Honeycutt Many who battle mental illness have been there — perched across from a well-dressed adult with a framed diploma mounted to the wall, fidgeting under the glow of an expensive, dimmed lamp. While traditional therapy has proven helpful for some, others hope for something else —…

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  • Shattered


    Story by Kailee Coward | Photo Illustration by Ryan Barrett I awoke to the sound of frantic voices whispering around the room, the hospital’s fluorescent lights illuminating the worried medical personnel as they cut my clothes in preparation for the MRI. In the next room my sister sobbed as she vomited, unaware that her bladder had…

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  • Dying to Survive

    Dying to Survive

    Story by Cameron Bocanegra | Photo by Aadil Shelkh Jazz Johnson did his homework in a doctor’s office and called it a childhood. He lived in a nice neighborhood filled with cleanly cut lawns, attended a private school and played basketball while his father worked as an orthopedic surgeon and his mother played her part…

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