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Spring 2024

In a space designed for storytelling, we decided to bring you the various avenues that storytellers utilize to share their passions with the Baylor University and Waco community.

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    Staff from left to right: Co-Editor: Mallory Harris, Co-Editor: Rachel Chiang, Staff Writer: Lukas Reyes Letter From The Editors Imagine you’re at a concert. You can see the artist on stage, you can smell the smoke from the fireworks, you can taste a quick sip of water, you can hear the screaming fans all around…

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    Photo courtesy of Lewis Lummer Show Me A Sign The first deaf professor at Baylor speaks about growing up deaf and how he advocates for the Deaf community in Waco. Story By Audrey Patterson Photos By Gillian Taylor Imagine a world where people communicate visually through sign language and live without stigma. This world exists…

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  • Let’s Talk Food

    “Food is a universal language.” It’s a sentimental phrase meant to bring people together over a meal where they can feel safe, heard and loved by the company and enjoy good food in front of them.  It’s no surprise that the food scene in Waco is vast and continuously growing with a multitude of cuisines…

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  • Food for Thought

    While food can be delicious, it can also be a triggering topic for some. By Skylla Mumana and Mallory Harris According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 28.8 million Americans will be diagnosed with an eating disorder in their lifetime. Eating disorders affect up to 9% of the global population and…

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  • Local Ingredients fuel Milo All Day

    Local Ingredients fuel Milo All Day

    Milo All Day provides unique farm-to-table experience that dishes out great food and‭  ‬connection in every season‭.‬ Story by Erianne Lewis Photos by Logan Skains & Mallory Harris When you walk into Milo All Day, you are sure to get a unique dining experience, where everything is specifically designed down to the music playing at…

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