Can you sense it?

Fall 2023

Dive deep into how our senses can tell various stories across Baylor University and Waco, Tx.

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  • Poor on Purpose

    Poor on Purpose

    ix friends sit together outside of Common Grounds on a damp and drizzly evening. The table’s overhead umbrella keeps them dry as they discuss theology and the true meaning of Christian community, conversation foreign to most university coffee shops, but typical at Baylor.

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  • A Second Chance at Home

    A Second Chance at Home

    The weather was unusually mild for Texas, the air barely warm in spite of the bright sun. The grass was still a bit damp from the previous night’s storm. Green fields stretched for miles in all directions. It was a perfect day for riding horses.

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  • Teaching Confidence

    Teaching Confidence

    After Hurricane Katrina swamped his hometown, 15-year-old New Orleans native Killian “Bingo” Zacharias would soon find himself in a new state and a strange community – Waco. He would also find himself repeating his freshman year because his academic records had been destroyed by Katrina, along with everything else in his old neighborhood.

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  • More Than Just Kid Stuff

    More Than Just Kid Stuff

    Today 67 children in the United States will be diagnosed with autism: more than AIDS, juvenile diabetes and cancer combined. With so many children and families affected by the disorder, the Waco community has come together to help.

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