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Spring 2024

In a space designed for storytelling, we decided to bring you the various avenues that storytellers utilize to share their passions with the Baylor University and Waco community.

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  • Community backbone brings hope to East Waco

    Story By Brittany Hardy Photos By Sarah Groman Shirley Langston, owner of Restoration Haven, is passionate about seeing lives change. Determined and business-like as she relays the details of the organization, tears fall from her dark eyes as she transitions into describing what makes her demanding job worth it. “I’m actually seeing people’s lives that…

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  • Going the distance

    Going the distance

    He is crazy. Out of his mind. Borderline insane. They were all saying that; his friends and family tried to rationalize his decision to no avail. Nobody could figure it out. Why was he putting himself through this? Did he even know what his decision entailed? Not fully aware of that himself, he strolled through…

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  • Defeating Dyslexia

    Cat.” “C-A-T.” The word is simple and familiar as it slips off the tongue. Elementary, one could say. We are so at ease with this word because we grew up learning the basics of reading and writing with words such as this. “Cat.” For a dyslexic child, this word presents a complex puzzle that he…

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  • Fighting to Survive: Inside the Neonatal Unit

    Fighting to Survive: Inside the Neonatal Unit

    Stephanie Ramirez holds her 3-day-old daughter, Michelle, in her arms while the tiny newborn sleeps in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. Michelle was delivered five weeks early.

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  • A Good Death

    A Good Death

    Nina Ferguson, 91, is resting in a hospital bed in her room in the home she shares with her friend and caregiver, Lucy Lupu. Nina is slender and frail – Lucy estimates her carrying weight at 95 pounds – but her eyes are bright and clear, and she thumps her chest defiantly when Lucy suggests…

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