Tell Me A Story

Spring 2024

In a space designed for storytelling, we decided to bring you the various avenues that storytellers utilize to share their passions with the Baylor University and Waco community.

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  • Teaching Confidence

    Teaching Confidence

    After Hurricane Katrina swamped his hometown, 15-year-old New Orleans native Killian “Bingo” Zacharias would soon find himself in a new state and a strange community – Waco. He would also find himself repeating his freshman year because his academic records had been destroyed by Katrina, along with everything else in his old neighborhood.

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  • More Than Just Kid Stuff

    More Than Just Kid Stuff

    Today 67 children in the United States will be diagnosed with autism: more than AIDS, juvenile diabetes and cancer combined. With so many children and families affected by the disorder, the Waco community has come together to help.

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