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    Waco food pantries held pivotal roles in ensuring the health of struggling families during the COVID-19 pandemic Story by Anna Tabet and Sommer Stanley Photo Courtesy of Chiquita Grice With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of negativity and pain in the Waco community and around the world. Thankfully, there have…

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    Growth in downtown Waco has led to the development of many new businesses Story by Catherine Cohen Photos by Joshua Martin Waco had been considered a town for students to get their education and ready them to move to a larger city after graduation, such as Houston, Dallas or Austin. However, in the past few…

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  • Learning independence one game at a time

    Learning independence one game at a time

    Umpire Lupe Rosas stands ready atop the pitcher’s mound. While the boy at bat prepares to swing, Coach Colleen Ostrom shouts words of encouragement from the dugout. And for a moment in the sun, the Challenger League baseball team, for children with special needs, appears like a regular baseball game — because it is.

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  • Crazy


    “If you don’t do it, then who will?” Those eight simple words have stuck with Linda Haskett. She remembers the conversation like it was yesterday. She was talking with a friend about her disappointment in the Baylor Children’s Theatre being closed, when her friend told her to start her own children’s theatre.

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  • Students In An Uproar

    Students In An Uproar

    When looking at Uproar Records from the outside, it may seem to be small and simple. Once you speak with those involved in Uproar, however, it reveals their passion for their work and for the Baylor and Waco community.

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  • Innovation In Motion

    Innovation In Motion

    The crowded streets of a big-time town glow with neon signs and blinking car signals. The city radiates with buses honking, people talking and sirens singing. It’s not unusual to pass a struggling violinist or a six-piece band playing for tips. Impersonators and magicians may even stop you in your steps to try to entertain…

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  • I Have A Dream

    I Have A Dream

    Telling your parents that you want something to eat. Knowing how to respond to a stranger. Engaging with a group of your friends while sitting still at a table. Responding to your dad’s question. Talking about many different subjects when conversing with a friend. Accepting the embrace of a parent.

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  • Song For The Houseless

    Song For The Houseless

    Michael Gienger could have done what everyone else usually does. He could have frantically locked his car doors. He could have pretended to be on his cell phone or merely looked the other way in order to avoid eye contact. He could have just kept driving. But instead, when Gienger saw Charles “Chuck” Wayne Rose,…

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