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Spring 2024

In a space designed for storytelling, we decided to bring you the various avenues that storytellers utilize to share their passions with the Baylor University and Waco community.

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  • Letter From the Editor

    Letter From the Editor

    Growing up, my parents always wanted me to be involved in something I was passionate about. From a young age, I wanted to be immersed in anything that brought out my creative side. Whether that was through painting, writing, singing or dancing, I adored it all. In high school, I somehow found my way into…

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  • Bridge of Souls

    Bridge of Souls

    A visual representation of the impact of COVID-19 in McLennan County Story by Matti Pennington Photos by Josh McSwain An art installation that was in downtown Waco, known as the Bridge of Souls, created a visual representation of COVID-19’s impact in McLennan County. Six hundred colorful banners were displayed at Indian Spring Park from Oct.…

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  • Inspiring Fashion

    Inspiring Fashion

    Fashion students find their inspiration from all over. Lexi Walters and Jordan Wilkins share where they get their creative inspiration from. Photos courtesy of Jordan Wilkins and Lexi Walters Baylor alum Anjelica Ray Anchterhof models one of the looks Wilkins created for the 2021 class Apparel Design and Product Development students’ fashion show and photo…

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  • Markglass


    How a local dentist found his passion for stained-glass artistry Story by KJ Burkley Photos by Audrey La Mark McCall, a steady force in Waco dentistry for the past three decades, displays his passion for stained glass artistry. The 63-year-old dentist has now entered his 36th year of dental practice, and nearly two decades of…

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  • Sincerely, an Interior Designer

    Sincerely, an Interior Designer

    Story by Victoria Fauntleroy Photos by Victoria Fauntleroy Being an interior design major is so much more than picking paint colors, fabrics and making a space look nice. We are flattered when you ask us for design advice, but there is so much more to us than that. Since I am a highly creative person,…

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