Tell Me A Story

Spring 2024

In a space designed for storytelling, we decided to bring you the various avenues that storytellers utilize to share their passions with the Baylor University and Waco community.

Featured Posts

  • ARTPrenticeship


    An internship program that pairs high school students with local professional artists Story by Matti Pennington Photos by Josh McSwain ARTPrenticeship is a paid internship program that pairs students from Waco ISD with local professional artists. Together, they create works of art throughout Waco that reflect the community’s history, aspirations and beauty. “The program allows…

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  • Q & A With an Art Major

    Q & A With an Art Major

    Art by Lacey Ryan What is your major and what made you choose it? I am a studio art major pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I chose this major because I am passionate about art and enjoy making it. What is it like being an art student at Baylor? Being an art student at Baylor has…

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  • Diane Rose

    Diane Rose

    Artist shares how God has blessed her with creative talent despite losing her eyesight Story by Katelyn Pattterson Photos by Josh McSwain Diane Rose quilts because God blessed her without a talent. She was born with glaucoma, which left her vision-impaired, but not without light perception and color until 1984. That year, four days before…

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  • Looking to Get Creative?

    Looking to Get Creative?

    Click the links below for easy crafts to get creative Patterned Painting Create a painting using your favorite colors and patterns Tools | Canvas, tape, black paint, white paint, paint colors of your choice and paint brushes Estimated Cost | $ 23 Scrap Collage Journal Create a collage journal from your magazine and newspaper scraps…

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  • Recipe Calls for Kindness

    Recipe Calls for Kindness

    Story by Caroline Yablon Photos courtesy of Nightlight Donuts Illustrations by Trong Mai “Kindness, not sugar or flour or a special spice, is our secret ingredient and the thing that we believe so strongly in.” Even during a global pandemic, one local Waco business was able to uphold this mantra. While many businesses suffered economic…

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