Mastering the Art of the Mural

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Story by Alex Andrews; Photos by Corrie Coleman You’ve seen them in the corner of your rearview mirror as you drive down a one-way street. The bright colors and powerful messages catch your eye. Waco’s mural scene is gaining momentum and with it, the art culture within the community. Hop into the car and take […]

Drawing A Bug’s Life

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Story by Stephanie Reyes; Photos by Alyson Perkins Like bright lights that attract bugs at night, Greg Lewallen’s eyes shine when he talks about drawing and collecting insects. He can spend hours talking about the many exciting and memorable trips around the world he’s taken to get a specific bug. Lewallen’s bug story started as […]

A Silence Fell Over The Room

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Story by Joy Moton; Photos by Rachel Leland Four young men wearing purple robes and white paint on their faces enter the sanctuary with graceful movements. As a gospel song begins to play, the group stands at the front of the church looking around frantically. Then, one dancer thrusts his hands toward the chest of […]

Life in 3D

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Story by Taliyah Clark; Photos by Maggie Malone   Creative science? Those two words don’t usually correlate, until you meet Alex Le Roux. A recent Baylor mechanical engineering graduate, Le Roux designed and created a 3-D printer that can create large concrete structures and 3-D images. Le Roux has always been good with his hands. […]

Home of the Brave

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Modern-day U.S. Navy veteran connects with Pearl Harbor hero’s local roots By Trey Gregory I moved to Waco from the D.C. area after my wife and I separated from the military in the summer of 2013. I visited Waco many times the previous decade to visit my mother and sister, but I didn’t know much […]

Rouge Tunes

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  The shade and soul of Texas country music By James Herd Imagine a genre of music that didn’t identify with country but couldn’t really be defined as rock ’n’ roll, or any one genre in particular, for that matter. Such a genre exists, and it goes by the name of Texas music or Red […]