Home of the Brave

Modern-day U.S. Navy veteran connects with Pearl Harbor hero’s local roots By Trey Gregory I moved to Waco from the D.C. area after my wife and I separated from the military in the summer of 2013. I visited Waco many times the previous decade to … Continue readingHome of the Brave

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Savory Smokey Success

The rest of the state has brisket. We have sausage. By Kate McGuire It is no doubt that German and Czech heritage run strong within the communities of Taylor and Walburg and can be seen most prominently in the delicious smoked and summer sausages that … Continue readingSavory Smokey Success

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He’s Got Sole

  From his upbringing to a lifelong passion, Greg Carmack creates masterful leather goods from the heart By Laura Beth Moore Inhale, as the whiff of leather seeps in deep, powerfully transporting one back in time to the days of saloons, gun smoke and back … Continue readingHe’s Got Sole

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Rouge Tunes

  The shade and soul of Texas country music By James Herd Imagine a genre of music that didn’t identify with country but couldn’t really be defined as rock ’n’ roll, or any one genre in particular, for that matter. Such a genre exists, and … Continue readingRouge Tunes

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Defending the Frontline

Friday night high school football: As big time as small town gets By Shehan Jeyarajah From the boom of the opening kickoff to the final whistle’s shriek, time stops on Friday nights in towns across Texas. By this point, football is a way of life. … Continue readingDefending the Frontline

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A little piece of Waco

Historic Jockey Club Barber Shop closes after 94 years in Central Texas
A sign reads, “Welcome to Historic Elm Avenue.” It can be seen across the street from the Jockey Club Barber Shop. Worn linoleum tiles layer the floor, and faded wood paneling covers the walls. Smokey Robinson and The Miracle’s “Tracks of my Tears” plays on the radio, eerily reminding the customers at one of Waco’s oldest barber shops to take a good look at the faces of the men cutting their hair and shaving their beards, because like so many places on this once diverse and lively street, this barber shop will soon be closed. … Continue readingA little piece of Waco